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Sudeep Suresh
Sudeep Suresh has 10+ years of experience spread across Business Consulting and Entrepreneurship. Experience in leading teams with entrepreneurial spirit. Involved in many complex assignments in BFSI domain with solutions involving Banking (SAP), Payments (SEPA and BACS), Credit Information Bureau and Investment Banking (Primary capital market). Exposure to international markets such as UK, Ireland, USA, Mexico and Asia. Sudeep has founded 2 ventures where he currently holds non-executive positions. CreativeMonk™ (CreativeMonk Technologies LLP) is a electronics startup focusing on creative products. Sudeep Suresh™ (Sudeep Suresh Investments) is a digital marketing startup. www.Unlimited.Asia is one of the ventures of Sudeep Suresh™ Investments. Check out Sudeep has a Master’s in Business Administration (Finance) with a Graduation in Commerce and is keen on learning new things every day.   Link to my newly launched Business Analyst Website Business Analyst.Biz (4)
Business Consulting
Business consulting experience in Core Banking, Credit Bureaus, Payments and Investment Banking
Founder of 2 ventures 1. CreativeMonk™ Technologies LLP 2. Sudeep Suresh™ Investments

Sudeep Suresh

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